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Landlord Help

Do you have a tenant that has fallen behind on their rent? 

This could be for a number reasons, such as job loss or a change in circumstance. Whatever the reason, this can cause you the landlord a lot of difficulty. The eviction process can cost over £3000 and take at least 18 months to complete. Our service offers the chance to work with the tenant for a 2-3 month period for £1000. In this time we will work with the tenant to resolve financial issues and get them back on track. 

This process is carried out by looking into benefits and grants and making sure they are recieveing the right amount of money. Or helping them to see what their best options are. 

Our staff are CIH (Chartered Institute of Housing) qualified and trained in ways that your lettings agent or property manager may not be. 

Call us today on 0203 488 7501 or click the contact us button below. 

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