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Why choose Circle Doors?


Excellent Communication: We have the perfect balance between allowing you to relax and keeping you fully informed on what is happening with your property. We are available by email and phone, both to landlords and tenants. 


Team Experience: Our team have all worked in property management and various aspects of housing. We have a trained eye to spot any problems and efficiently run your property or portfolio. 


Maintenance: We have first class maintenance and repair contractors. We are completely transparent and can provide you with copies of invoices if you require them. 


Legal Jargon: Landlord legislation often changes, we keep on top of this so that you can relax knowing that your property is protected. 


We also have a lot of experience in Houses with Multiple Occupation (HMO's). If you have an HMO or you would like to convert your property to a HMO contact us for more information. 

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