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Art Deco

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Sometimes its nice to refresh your home without carrying out a big costly renovation project. One of the ways to do this is to buy key pieces of furniture for a particular room. This blog is going to be looking at Art Deco furniture ideas.

Art Deco was popular in the 1920's and 30's and is characterised by geometric shapes using exotic woods, materials and lacquer.

Due to Art Deco pieces being so original and standing out, they are perfect for easily adding a fresh vibe to any part of the house. See my top 5 pieces below:

Bangor Golden Wire Side Table/ Stool bedside table from La Redoute

At £64.35 this is a cost friendly addition to the home, and can be used as a side table or stool.

This would be prefect for any living room or bedroom, and is small enough so that not too much space is taken up but still the style makes an impact on the room.

Silver Art Deco Mirror from Victorian Plumbing

At £149.95, this makes a great bedroom or bathroom mirror, and not only will the style add to the room but also mirrors help any room they are placed in to appear bigger and give a more spacious feel.

Dylan Art Deco Velvet Dining Chair from

This chair is £367, the frame is made from polished brass, and the curves are the epitome of art deco. This piece would make for a nice set of dining chairs and change the look and feel of any dining room.

Tower Art Deco Upholstered Bed Frame from Sleepstyle

This bed is amazing! It will set you back £674.99 and comes in different colours and materials, so you should definitely be able to fit this statement piece into your bedroom.

Art Deco Design Credenza from Society6

A true statement piece, this credenza is £414.74, however, do note that it would be shipped from overseas so delivery is a bit pricey! This piece is truly versatile though and could be used as a tv stand, living room cabinet, office cabinet etc. It also is available with either black or gold legs and the wood can either be birch or walnut.

Art Deco really is an exciting theme to explore, follow Circle Doors on Pinterest to see our Art Deco boards and get more ideas.

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