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Different types of interior styles (Part 1)

There are many different ways to decorate and design your property, each different style or design gives your property a different look and feel. The styles below are some of our most interesting design ideas.

Curves instead of straight lines

Curves instead of straight lines takes the formality out of the room and creates a more comfortable feeling and casual vibe. To create this look,focus on rounded corners, comfy chairs, circular furniture, artwork and mirrors.

Bold wall paper

This is one of my favourite design choices as it can be relatively cheap dependent on the wall paper. It is also easy to implement regardless of the size of the room.

Statement ceilings

When it comes to interior design ceilings are often left undesigned and simply painted white. Recently though, there has been a growing trend in designers experimenting with colour, placing artwork, mirrors and different textures on the ceiling.

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