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My new take on minimalism

Minimalism in its traditional sense focuses on the idea of no clutter, clean lines and light (usually whites silvers and greys) colours. It can be be really refreshing to create a minimalist space, especially if it is a small space. It can make a big difference to the room and really open it up, giving the illusion that it is much bigger than it actually is. However, the draw back is that the space can often feel unlived in and a bit clinical.

In a new project that I have been working on with a client, they have expressed how much they like the idea of minimalism but also want a lived in feel, a sort of minimalism with a twist!

I have been focusing on keeping the space open and clutter free but also introducing warm colours into the design.

This is a computer generated concept, the furniture used is simple with clean lines, however, the feature wall which would be grey slate adds texture to the room. The sofa and rug are warm colours to add to the lived in feel. Also to make sure that the room is able to function without clutter, storgae has been considered with the wardrobes and built in cupboards around the tv.

The furniture used is afordable as part of my brief was to consider costs, check out some of the pieces below:

The chaise:

The rug:

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